Mountains Fields Like Stairways of Stone by Thomas Locke Hobbs

8.5 x 11 inch
54 Pages, 24 Photographs
Self Published 2016
Edition of 100

Printed by: Self Printed
Paper: Neenha Environment Desert Storm, cover printed on French Paper Co. Kraft-Tone Carbon Copy Kraft
Printing Method: HP m252w Laser printer for interior, Epson P800 Inkjet for cover.
Bound By: Self-Bound
Binding Method: Softcover, 4-hole side binding.
Prepress File Prep: Photoshop
Design: Thomas Locke Hobbs

Mountain fields like stairways of stone is a handmade artist book exploring ancient and modern landscapes in Peru and Bolivia. The book draws visual parallels between the practice of hillside crop terracing dating back a thousand years and the more recent phenomenon of massive and informal urban development as a result of 20th century rural to city migrations. I am interested in exploring the continuities and disruptions in human alternations to the landscape as written on the land in South America.

Thomas Locke Hobbs

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