The 13th Spring by Aaron Hardin

8.25 x 10.25 inch
68 Pages, 31 Photographs
Self Published 2017
Edition of 50

Printed byUnion University Print Services 
Paper: Hammermill Paper, Color Copy Digital Cover, 80lb
Printing Method: Laser, Konica Minolta BizHub
Bound By: Inkwell’s Press
Binding Method: Saddle Sewn, Softcover
Prepress File Prep: Epson V700
Fonts Used: Baskerville
Design: Aaron Hardin & Natalie Ivis

My daughter was born on the thirteenth spring. Her cries were met by the deafening surge of the cicadas’ song. I wonder if she’ll end up marred like me and my father. When the cicadas return, she’ll be a teenager and I’ll be grayed and worn.

Aaron Hardin