La Esperanza by Rita Baunok

8 x 10 inch
117 Pages, 55 Photographs
Self Published 2017
Edition of 20

Printed by: Self Printed
Paper: Hahnemuhle Book and Album
Printing Method: Inkjet, Epson P800
Bound By: Marianna Darmos, Budapest, Hungary
Binding Method: Hardcover, Perfect Bound
Prepress File Prep: Lightroom, Photoshop, Epson Expression 10000 XL
Fonts Used: Helvetica
Design: Alice Rose George and Rita Baunok

La Esperanza I have been a traveler since July 2016. I made trips in time and emotional space, collecting information, taking thousands of photographs and recording everything in diary form. I uncovered a specifc story but I discovered so much more. I savored the process of research, finding places of my heart and my ancestors, and the joy of exploration accompanied every step. La Esperanza reveals details about me, lost children and a 140-year-old place. The project sheds light on my experiences and feelings about my journey and my subject. This is my personal story within the universal vastness of repetition and pattern. La Esperanza is a tale of finding myself and learning who I am in the world. It is a personal, complicated emotional work rooted in loss, love, displacement, sorrow, union and hope. The narrative introduces a place to the viewer, and we travel together back and forth in time to collect fragments that build a family and a home. During my year-long voyage, I multiplied the world through my photographs and explored the variations and repetitions, but I could not get closer to the truth; meanings are always multiple and changing.

Rita Baunok

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