Aporia by Andrew Waits

13 x 9.5 in
112 Pages, 44 Photographs
Self Published Dummy 2017
Edition of 5

Printed by: Self Printed
Paper: Red River 50lb Matte Duo
Printing Method: Inkjet, Epson P800
Binding Method: Case bound hand sewn signatures
Prepress File Prep: Self
Fonts Used: Mad Serif
Design: Self with Aaron Bloom

APORIA was created in a specific city, yet speaks to the phenomenon of rapid growth being experienced in many urban locations around the world. When surrounded by such an environment, the cultural and physical landscape feels stretched to its limits. Reality exists in a continuum between construction and destruction. It is a constant state, a fluid abstraction, where change itself seems to be the alpha and omega. A desire to explore the underpinnings of such an environment, and how it demonstrates itself on one’s psyche, is at the core of this work. APORIA is the culmination of this effort, a dreamlike narrative pieced together from the observed landscape. It is a fictional manifestation of my own subjugation, devoid of any specific time or place, both surreal and familiar.

Andrew Waits

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