Whispering Hope by Chikara Umihara

1 - Chikara Umihara

21×33 cm
152 Pages, 69 Photographs
Self Published 2017
Edition of 300

Printed byJos Morree, Fine Books, The Netherlands
Paper: 150gsm Arctic Volume White
Printing Method: Offset
Binding Method: Thread sewn, open spine binding with glued on boards
Prepress File Prep: Co-worked with Colour & Books, Sebastiaan Hanekroot

Over the course of 5 years (2011-2016), Chikara Umihara made a series of trips across the USA by Greyhound Bus without any specific destination in mind. The project was originally focused around the idea of consuming the time and distance on the road. However, it was shaped by his means of transportation. Chikara created the rules to confine himself to the bus and the stops it makes. Combining views from bus window, portraits of bus passengers, bus stations, and short texts, WHISPERING HOPE illustrates a personal and poignant view on a nation.

Chikara Umihara

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